Alla Eliseeva

Dr. Alla Eliseeva studied at the Sobinov Saratov Conservatory of Music with S. Benditsky, who was a student of H. Neuhaus, one of the greatest proponents of the Russian Piano School. After graduation, she started her career as a soloist of the Saratov State Philharmonic, where she performed concert programs that included pieces of Schuman, Mussorgsky, Liszt, and Chopin, among others. Dr. Eliseeva also worked as a concertmaster with such renowned singers as Sergei Alexashkin who was a soloist of the Mariinsky Opera House (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Leonid Smetannikov who was a National Artist of the USSR.


Later on, she decided to continue her education. After receiving her Ph.D. in Music and Pedagogical Sciences from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Dr. Eliseeva was invited to teach at the Musical Department of the Moscow State University for the Performing Arts. There, she provided private instruction in the area of piano performance and the art of the concertmaster and lectured students on the history of the Russian Pianism.


During her career as an educator, Dr. Eliseeva was invited to serve as an Assistant Principal at the High School of the Russian Mission to the United Nations in New York City and Washington D.C. While in Washington D.C., she has also collaborated with an accomplished saxophonist and Professor Dale Underwood.


Dr. Eliseeva’s research interests included Russian romanticism and modernism, in particular the music of Chopin, Liszt, and Mendelssohn. She designed and conducted inspiring lectures on the history of the Russian Pianism and its worldwide cultural influence. Dr. Eliseeva was presented with grants and fellowships from the Russian Academy of Science and completed three venerable books, A Journey to the World of Music, A Guide to Theater Production in High School, and The Nature of the Soul: Validation of Cultural and Moral Beliefs, which was the recipient of the 1996 Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Research. She was also the author of numerous critical receptions of eminent performances of major pianistic figures of Moscow and comprehensive assessments of the life and achievements of aspiring musicians.


At present, Dr. Eliseeva continues to teach privately in her own studio in New York City, participates as a judge at different competitions, such as Granite State Competition in New Hampshire, and is a part of the Board of Directors at Forte International Music Competition and Festivals.