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Yury Maevski

Yury Maevski – Honored Artist of Russia, former Professor of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Russia with over 30 years of teaching and professional performance experience, composer and author of numerous transpositions has received the highest level of education in Russia.


Mr. Maevski studied at the Moscow Conservatory with Professor Victor Merzhanov. Later, he has received a Masters Degree in Music, graduating with honors, from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia, where he studied with Professor Pavel Serebriakov. Mr. Maevski has also received a Doctorate degree in Music at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Throughout education, Mr. Maevski has successfully performed as a soloist and an accompanist.


As a professional performer and an accompanist, Mr. Maevski has worked with many famous artists in the former Soviet Union, such as a well-known bass and People’s Artist Boris Shtokolov. In addition, Mr. Maevski has performed over 100 concerts every year in Russia and abroad. His concerts were favorably reviewed by the music critics both at home and abroad (USA, Finland, Austria, Germany, Cuba, Yugoslavia).


Mr. Maevski’s teaching experience includes Director and Piano Professor at one of the most prestigious schools for talented and gifted students in Russia, at the Music Lyceum in St. Petersburg. Mr. Maevski was later invited to continue his teaching career as a Piano Professor at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, where he taught for 15 years. Furthermore, during his teaching career, Mr. Maevski has engaged in private instructions in Piano, as well as taught Master classes in Germany, Russia, and Finland.


As an accomplished Professor and a versatile musician, Mr. Maevski continues to teach in US and publish numerous transcriptions for piano and two pianos.



His publications include:

”Improvisation as a part of study to play piano” Scientific – methodical in the magazines of the Leningrad State Conservatory “To form a musician in piano class”

I LOVE YOU. Romances and Russian Folk Songs for Voice and Piano. The “Compozitor” Publishers, St. Petersburg, Vol. 1 1994; Vol. 2, 1998 (

Transposition for piano J. Sibelius. Valse Triste. Op.44 The “Compozitor” Publishers, St. Petersburg, 1999 (

Transposition for two pianos  “Three Waltzes” (Debussy; Khachaturian; Sibelius) The “Compozitor” Publishers, St. Petersburg, 1999 (

“Music Amusements” in two parts: Collection of merry pieces for piano for four hands (for different ages, including the beginners) The “Compozitor” Publishers, St. Petersburg, Part 1, 2000; Part 2, 2002 (

Fantasy on George Gershwin’s songs for two pianos. The “Compozitor” Publishers, St. Petersburg, 2002 ( Rhythms: Cheerful pieces for piano for four hands. The “Compozitor” Publishers, St. Petersburg, Part 1, 2004; Part 2, 2005 (

Mr. Maevski is a member of The Piano Teachers Society of America and All Russia Theater Association.