International Competition

2014-2015 Winners

Congratulations to all competitors who participated in the 2014-2015 Forte International Music Competition! We are pleased to announce this year's winners below.



Platinum Award

Gyuyeon Shim, Voice, USA



1st Place Award

Petite: N/A

Junior: Marien Femerling & Eric Valdés Marines Duo, Piano, Mexico

Teen: Fares Al Habboubi, Piano, USA

Senior: Sharon Jin, Piano, USA

Adult: Nadezda Sergeeva, Harp, Russia



Special Awards

Best Piano Technique Award: Ilya Ishchenko, Russia

Best Strings Technique Award: Antranik Malkastian, USA

Best Vocal Technique Award: Gyuyeon Shim, USA

Most Expressive Young Performer Award: Kevin Xu, Cello, USA

Most Expressive Performer Award: Antranik Malkastian, Violin, USA

Most Charming Gentleman Award: Fares Al Habboubi, Piano, USA

Most Charming Lady Award: Nadezda Sergeeva, Harp, Russia



Best Teacher Award

Marlena Malas



Once again, congratulations, and we can’t wait to see you in NYC next year!


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